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Shorts without borders

Notice closed

This notice gives provision for creation of 5 short films which will tell the story of Gorizia and all the cross-border territory.

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Film Fund

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FILM FUND  – Regional measures for the promotion and enhancement of film heritage and culture, and the development of audiovisual

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di Margherita Vicario
Tempesta Film s.r.l. 2023

Toward the end of the 1700s, not far from the Venice lagoon, standsthe convent-conservatory of St. Ignatius. Here, for years



di Sonia Prosenc
Incipit Film s.r.l. 2022

All that Aleksander wants is to take part with his family in the upcoming Space Journey contest. But when his


Unità mobile di soccorso

di Maria Tilli
302 Original Content s.r.l. 2022

A film directed by Maria Tilli, with Giacomo Ferrara and Andrea Lattanzi.