FVGFC was established in the year 2000, among the very first in Italy. Since then we have assisted hundreds of productions, including films, documentaries, television series, video clips, and commercials.

Oscar-winning directors have rotated with young talents, but our commitment to assisting the launch of a project – no matter how big or small – has always been the same. In short, we have a certain amount of experience that allows us to better manage all those issues and critical problems that every production has to face, both from a bureaucratic and logistical point of view.

FVGFC plays the role of technical support to production companies that choose to film in Friuli Venezia Giulia by offering the following services free of charge: • direct contact with local authorities

  • preliminary information concerning technical, logistical, and bureaucratic issues
  • assistance with bureaucratic procedures
  • overview of production resources
  • on-site visits to locations identified by the production