Toward the end of the 1700s, not far from the Venice lagoon, stands
the convent-conservatory of St. Ignatius. Here, for years now, lives Teresa, a young woman with a special gift: a visionary talent that enables her to musically feel the world and transform it,
animating it with a new, contemporary music, out of her time. Anchantment… that is broken when reality raids her and brings her back to her duties. Yes, because at the convent for everyone is the Muta, a scullery maid who lives quietly and alone. But things are about to change for her….
while the convent is in turmoil over the upcoming concert that the Maestro di Cappella, the arid and despotic Perlina, is to conduct in honor of the soon-to-visit pope, Teresa makes an exceptional discovery: a piano, brand new and never used, hidden in the storage room of the convent. She can finally translate into reality the music in her her head!
An exhilarating and lonely experimentation … until one night, guided by Teresa’s strange melody, a small group of female musicians who living in the convent peep into the depot: they are Lucia, a talented violinist, and her friends, Prudenza, Bettina and Marietta. Soon won over by the magnetism of Teresa, who creates songs like a pop composer of our century, the girls form a close-knit small group of rebellious musicians. Not even the threats of Perlina and the Lucia’s disappointments will succeed in stopping them: indeed, led by Teresa, and more united than ever, they will organize a small coup in the convent, taking the stage on the day of the concert to the pope and playing their rebellious, modern music. Pop!

Margherita Vicario
Margherita Vicario, Anita Rivaroli
Galatea Bellugi, Carlotta Gamba, Veronica Lucchesi, Maria Vittoria Dallasta, Sara Mafodda, Paolo Rossi, Stefano Roberto Belisari aka Elio, Natalino Balasso, Anita Kravos, Vincenzo Crea, Jasmin Mattei, Gioele Pagura
Gianluca Palma
Set design
Luca Servino, Susanna Abenavoli


di Margherita Vicario

Tempesta Film s.r.l. 2023